Disco Roadshow

The Ultimate Disco Roadshow

Do you require a specialist company experienced in 70's, 80's and 90's dance music?  Don't leave it to the inexperienced and work with someone with full knowledge of the club scene during these memorable years.  We can provide you with the best disco roadshow of all time with retro lighting and incredible sound. Basic packages start from $500.00 and will depend on the venue size and where you located.


Build your own disco or provide some information to allow us to give you a free quote.

Build your own disco:


Speakers - from $220.00


Music system - from $220.00


Retro lighting - from $135.00


Battery uplighting - from $25.00


Stands - from $10.00


Microphones - from $10.00

Smoke machine from $65.00


DJ's - from $75:00 per hour


Set-up - from $40 per hour


Travel - from $40.00

Disco Quotation


Please provide us with some information and send this to Dale@musicandlights.com.au





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Type of disco? Wedding, birthday etc

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