Disco Roadshow

The Ultimate Disco Roadshow

Do you require a specialist company in 70's, 80's and 90's dance music?  Don't leave it to the inexperienced and work with someone with full knowledge of the club scene during these memorable years.  The best disco roadshow of all time with retro lighting and incredible sound. The roadshow comes in three sizes or you can build your own! 

Package 1

4K Bose sound system

2 x retro effects

4 x light tubes

4x Battery uprights

DJ x 3 hours



Package 2 

8k Bose sound system

4 x Retro effects on totems

4x Battery uplights

4x light tubes

Smoke machine

DJ x 3 hours


Package 3

(Large venues only)

16K Bose sound system

7 x retro effects

24 x Battery uplights

10 x Light tubes

1 x Projector/mapping software

Smoke Machine

Dj x 3 hours


Want something a little smaller? Building your own system is also available and we are here to help with a free consultation service.

Use your own DJ or ask for information about other Sydney based DJ's - Technician required on larger systems to monitor sound..


DJ Services


I started my career as a professional DJ in 1982, after learning the basics of music production in a small Blackpool studio in England.  I landed my first job at a major venue in Norwich operated by Mecca Leisure. To this day I still don't know how I managed to get my first job playing to an audience of 1200, but it's all about timing, persistence and maybe some charm! These were the days of Technic decks, Cloud mixers and placing coins on the top of your stylus to stop the needle from slipping. Knowing how to maintain your console and lighting rig, were just some of the many tasks of being a DJ.  Unlike todays disc jockey's, we had to play all types of music to various age groups from 12 to 60 on every system imaginable.  Back in the 80's most of clubs catered to the mainly straight scene and it wasn't until later that I began to play on the gay circuit.  My first gay/straight club came about 4 years later which helped me to gain further experience in the art of beat mixing.  Dj'ing however is not all about beat mixing and scratching, but the ability to play music which everyone can enjoy! To cut a long story short, my work continued in various venues around the UK, eventually becoming more involved in event management. I spent quite a few years in the events industry in Canada, before moving to Australia where I am now based. 

My love for music continues to this day, but only DJ when the opportunity allows me.  Most of my work now involves hiring out sound and lighting systems, but also sharing my knowledge of the industry to clubs and event planners. If you are interested in hiring me as a stand alone DJ, I charge a very reasonable $120 per hour (min 3 hours).



DJ Dale Campbell

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